Fire Fighting Training 101

April 12, 2016

Rep. Luxenberg was at the Hartford Fire Training Academy yesterday. She participated in the Uniformed Professional Fire Fighters Association of Connecticut “Fire Ops” training program. After donning full firefighting gear, Rep. Luxenberg was put through the paces of what it takes to be a fire fighter. She was assisted by Lt. Chip Atzbach of Manchester Fire Rescue EMS. Lt. Atzbach say Luxenberg was sent into a burning building under smoke and fire conditions. She conducted a search and rescue mission, used thermal imaging equipment, dragged a fire hose about 150 feet while crawling through the burning building. Luxenberg, with the help of thermal imaging, rescued a “child” from the structure.

Besides fire fighting, Luxenberg had hands on experience responding to a motor vehicle crash and removed a “victim” using the Jaws of Life. She also responded to an EMS call.

The activity was part of an effort to have state lawmakers and other officials to experience, first hand, what fire fighters go through, physically and emotionally, every day they’re on the job.