Let's Talk About It: An Afro-Caribbean in the Nazi Era

April 28, 2023

We talked about a black man’s wartime experience during the Holocaust on my weekly public affairs show, “Let’s Talk About It.” Author Mary L. Romney-Schaab uncovered her father’s survival story in a moving book entitled “An Afro-Caribbean in the Nazi Era, from Papiamentu to German.” 
Her father, Lionel Romney, survived when his boat was struck by a mine in the Mediterranean. He then endured several years as a political prisoner in Italian internment camps. He then went to a Nazi concentration camp in Austria where he was subjected to inhumane treatment and near starvation.

His story of survival is both riveting and powerful. My co-host Dennis O’Brien couldn't put the book down as he read more about Romney's incredible journey.


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Fascinating conversation about one man's incredible WWII survival story.