Early Voting Passes in the House of Representatives

May 5, 2023

I'm proud to have led the passage of H.B. 5004: An Act Implementing Early Voting through the Connecticut General Assembly's House of Representatives. This important bill will allow voters to cast their ballots in person ahead of Election Day for both regular and special elections, as well as primaries.

Starting on or after January 1, 2024, early voting will be available. This means Connecticut voters will have more options to participate in our democracy and make their voices heard.
Here is a breakdown of what H.B. 5004 entails:

  • For general elections, there will be 14 days of early voting.
  • For primaries, there will be 7 days of early voting.
  • For presidential primaries and special elections, there will be 4 days of early voting. 
  • Early voting will include weekend days.
  • While towns will have the discretion to determine the number of early voting sites, each town will have at least one early voting location.
  • Default early voting hours will be 10 AM - 6 PM, with two days of extended hours of 8 AM - 8 PM on the Tuesday and Thursday before primaries and general elections.
  • Each town will submit plans for early voting (including the locations) to the Secretary of the State's office for approval.

The budget includes full funding for municipal costs related to early voting. 

Early Voting

Early voting is an important tool for enhancing participation in our democracy and ensuring that every individual has the opportunity to exercise their fundamental right to cast their ballot. It's especially crucial for those who may encounter barriers to voting on Election Day, such as long lines, work, or family obligations. I'm proud to have led the passage of H.B. 5004 in the House because it is a step towards improving access to the ballot box for all eligible voters. As this bill moves to the Senate for consideration, we must continue to prioritize democracy and ensure that every individual has the opportunity to participate in our electoral process.