Green Jobs Corps Bill Passes the House

May 1, 2023

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Dear Neighbor,

On Thursday, the Connecticut House of Representatives was in session. We voted on a few bills, including one of my major initiatives, The Green Jobs Corps bill. I have been working hard on this bill since I’ve been sworn in, introducing it to others for co-sponsorship, working on the language so we are creating a good bill that does good, working with committee leadership and stakeholders in the Executive branch to make it better and more collaborative, and more! A lot goes into proposing and championing a law to make it pass, especially one like this that is bipartisan and near unanimous in passage. And we did it! I had the honor to bring it out to the House floor.

HB 6354 creates a workforce training plan for green jobs. A workforce training plan for this sector is essential to support Connecticut’s greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals.
The bill includes several provisions to accomplish those goals and a strategy to market and recruit these jobs to individuals, especially from underrepresented populations. I am thrilled that HB 6454 passed with near unanimous support and will continue to monitor its progress. Click here to watch me introduce the bill to the floor
My introduction of HB 6354 to the House Floor
Celebrating Earth Day and our Environmental Advocates of All Ages

This week has been full of celebration and advocacy for our planet’s future! I was grateful to start my Earth Day off in celebration with Cranbury Elementary scholars, Girl Scouts, and their families. There were seed packets for home gardens to give away, birdhouses to paint for our feathered friends, and we learned about the importance of knowing what can be recycled and what can not so we can live more sustainably in our daily lives. They put together a great public service and this education will benefit us all. There are great things going on in environmental education at Cranbury - thanks Cubs for sharing what you are working on with me!

I also had so much fun at the 2nd Annual Earth Day on Norwalk Green with our community, including our great environmental advocates and nonprofits, and other folks making a difference in helping to create a greener Norwalk. I spoke about how hearing from you helps us create better laws for our planet and so we know directly from you what to advocate for,  and how every little thing we do adds up to big impacts together. I was also happy to make an announcement about the new composting location in our District in Cranbury Park - please check it out. I enjoyed our constituent conversations there too! 

Celebrating Arbor Day with our Future Green Leaders

Arbor Day on Friday was celebrated in Norwalk at Rowayton Elementary School this year and what a wonderful event! The students shared poetry, music, art, and their love of trees with us all. I really enjoyed the student choir and percussion ensemble and am very proud of our poster contest winners. The Kindergarteners and First Graders did a wonderful job reciting their poem, and everyone had a great time celebrating our love for the planet and its beautiful trees. Every student could take a tree seedling home, and we planted a tree out in front of the school. Thank you scholars for reminding us of the gifts of air, water, sun, and soil that we shouldn’t take for granted and all the joy they bring to us!


When I visited with all of our young scholars this week, many told me they want to work to protect the Earth when they grow up. This makes all the hard work it took up in Hartford to make the Green Jobs Corps bill a reality all worth it!! Thank you district neighbors and friends - I hope you have a wonderful Spring week and happy first week of May!


Dominique Johnson
State Representative


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