Let's Talk About It: Restoring Maternity & Delivery Services at Windham Hospital

May 12, 2023

We talked about the history and importance of Mother's Day on my weekly public affairs show, “Let’s Talk About It.” The first woman to give birth at Windham Hospital was back in 1933. Unfortunately, the hospital is not providing childbirth services anymore. Community activist Brenda Buchbinder discussed the effects of the closure of the maternity unit in 2020 and what’s being done to address access to maternity and delivery services.

Pregnant women must now drive long distances on winding and secondary roads to give birth at another hospital. This is a big change in our community since the first birth at Windham Hospital took place 90 years ago, shortly after the facility opened its doors.

Governor Lamont has proposed legislation allowing birthing centers to operate as an alternative to traditional hospitals. There is no doubt that building a birthing center in Windham would change lives and bring positive change.

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Community activist Brenda Buchbinder highlights the issues surrounding the closing of the maternity unit at Windham Hospital.