Kid Governor's Cabinet Visits Capitol

May 19, 2023

Some of the best and brightest young minds in the state visited the State Capitol on Wednesday. The Kid Governor and its Cabinet stopped by the House Chamber to experience what it’s like to debate and vote for bills in front of our colleagues. This exceptional group of fifth graders observed, absorbed, and impressed all of us on the House floor. There is no doubt they were prepared for their big day!

Having young scholars actively engaged in the political process is a great way to foster civic education and participation. By observing and absorbing the proceedings on the House floor, these students gained a deeper understanding of the responsibilities and challenges my colleagues and I face each day.

It was a pleasure meeting these impressive students especially Milford’s own Liliana Magazine, who attends Meadowside Elementary School. She and the rest of the Kid Governor’s Cabinet are serving a one-year term to get a better understanding of the way government works in Connecticut.

Liliana ran for Kid Governor last year on her platform to improve literacy. She is passionate about reading and expanding access to books because they teach all of us life lessons. I am grateful to have met Liliana and wish her the best of luck as she continues to promote literacy throughout her term.


Connecticut’s Kid Governor is an award-winning civics education program that empowers students to take part in active leadership. CLICK HERE to learn more.