Let's Talk About It: Addressing Mental Health

May 23, 2023

On my weekly public affairs show, “Let’s Talk About It,” we highlighted the importance of addressing the mental health needs for adults and children as part of Mental Health Awareness Month. Luis Pérez, the CEO of Mental Health Connecticut, joined me to talk about supporting the community with mental wellness. The goal is to help everyone achieve their hopes and dreams no matter where they live.

We also talked about the need to get more financial support for those who seek help with their mental health. Private insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, and Workers' Compensation can all provide more assistance and resources. Schools should be financed properly so more students can fulfill their education requirements. Educators need to focus on the strengths, not weaknesses, of students struggling with mental health and emphasize those skills.

I want to thank Luis Pérez for joining the show, telling us more about the services provided by Mental Health Connecticut, and being such a strong advocate.

Please click below to listen to the entire radio show!

Conversation addressing the need for more mental health resources