The House Passes Prescription Drug Regulation Bill

May 26, 2023

Unlike other states, Connecticut has taken consistent steps to protect reproductive rights.  I was proud to lead our latest effort on the floor of the House of Representatives this week. 
On Wednesday, the House passed HB 6768, an omnibus bill that allows pharmacists to prescribe emergency and standard contraceptives to women – even if they do not have access to a primary care physician -- by following rigorous training, intake and follow-up procedures.  The law also protects pharmacists from prosecution from states that do not allow such activity. 

Another part of the bill permits specialized, temperature-controlled vending machines to dispense approved, over-the-counter drugs that do not have an age restriction or a requirement to show an ID in order to be purchased. This includes drugs like pain relievers (Advil) cough medicine and even Plan B One-Step, another form of emergency contraceptive. (Note that I am not talking about RU-486 – that is prescription only).  Anyone can buy all of these drugs right now, off the shelf in a pharmacy, go to an automated kiosk, and purchase without ever having to interact with a person.  Connecticut is the only state in the nation that prohibits the sale of safe, approved, over the counter drugs via vending machines (these are commonly found on college campuses in other states).
Finally, on a different note, the bill allows pharmacists to make Narcan, the medicine used to treat opioid overdoses, available directly to community health care groups, law enforcements agencies and schools.  Pharmacists will provide training to these agencies on how to administer Narcan, so they can keep a ready supply secure and available to administer in emergencies to those in need.

While other states around the country are passing legislation that restricts access to preventative contraceptives, Connecticut is fighting to ensure these items are accessible to all of our residents.

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