Mass Mailings & Responses

May 24, 2023
Many of you use mass mailing services to express your stance on a particular position. Although I have inveighed against these "slacktavist" or "clicktavist" networks in the past, folks continue to send me these mass-produced emails. Please be aware that the algorithms of these email services do NOT allow me to respond to you. 
Therefore, I will summarize my stances on these issues here, and once again, ask that you contact me directly with a concern. (In parenthesis following the subject you will see the name of the mass mailing service.) 
To those of you who DO take the time to compose a real email, you have my thanks. And whether or not we agree on a given issue, I do take your position seriously.  

In an ideal world, there would be unlimited money to support good causes, including those in this email. But as holding the line on taxes is a very big priority of many citizens, we in the Legislature must work within the confines of our resources. The budget is being worked out between the two caucuses and with the Governor's Office. So while I am advocating every day for funding for deserving groups, I can't promise they will receive the money they desire.
Non-Profits (
Yes, I have been encouraging the Appropriations Committee member to increase funding for our community non-profits. Even before the pandemic, the State was in arrears to these human service providers. Not only must we "make them whole" by bringing their reimbursements up to date, but we must also ensure that future reimbursement rates are fair. Although mission-driven, non-profits are also businesses that employ thousands of people in the state.  
Gun Violence ( 
HB 6667 is the Governor's bill to stem gun violence. When gun violence - including that perpetrated by domestic terrorists - has become so rampant as to compel the UK, Australia, and Canada to issue travel advisories to their citizens who plan to come to the U.S., it should be of deep concern to us all. 
So, to all who wrote me opposing this bill because they believe it will infringe upon their rights, I have a few questions: 

  1. Do you intend to commit mass murder with your weapon? 
  2. Do you intend to shoot an innocent person who knocks at your door in error? 
  3. Is your weapon a "ghost gun" produced on a 3-D printer?
  4. Are you at risk to yourself or a family member?
  5. Do you intend to buy multiple guns and sell them illegally from the trunk of your car?
  6. Did you legally register your weapon after having passed a background check?

If you answered "no" to the first five questions and "yes" to the last one, I am uninterested in your gun and my colleagues and I have no intention of taking it from you. Therefore, I fail to see your objection to the bill. Finally, I would suggest you ask yourself the following question: Have I done everything I can to be part of the solution, or do I remain silent every time innocent people, including school children, are slaughtered?
Affordable Housing (
Several bills addressing the lack of affordable housing in our state are in the process of being combined into one, so until I see the details, I can't support or oppose it.

Hunting (
HB 5138 was not raised in the Environment Committee and was sent to the Planning & Development Committee, where it died.

W.H.O. (
As a state representative, I have no authority to vote on matters concerning the World Health Organization (WHO) or its proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations.

"Lights Out" (
Yes, I supported and voted for this bill to protect migrating birds. It passed the House last week and now goes to the Senate to be called for a vote there. 


I reject the notion that teaching the "Social Emotional Learning" (SEL) components of self-awareness, self-control and non-violent problem-solving is part of a Communist plot, or will lead to pedophilic grooming of young children, or ideological indoctrination (as purported by the anti-CRT adherents). In an era of sky-high rates of suicidal ideation and other mental health problems in our youth, I am all for anything that helps them live in safety. Therefore I will support legislation that increases SEL in our schools. Read more about SEL and its opponents here.

Recovery for All (
I support allocations to help public sector safety net healthcare service providers. They work to protect all of us -- regardless of race, gender, zip code, immigration status, or insurance coverage. The pandemic has decimated their worker roles, and they deserve support. 

Rabbits (
While I respect the sentiments of the group opposed to this bill, HB 6726: An Act Concerning the Regulation of Livestock and Certain Rabbit Processing Facilities, I cannot object to Sec. 27. I see it as supportive of Connecticut's small independent farmers. Currently, our state contains rabbit processors, but they are currently required to take the animals out of the state to a USDA-certified facility, which is both financially burdensome and time-consuming. This simply streamlines the process and gives the farmer more autonomy. (And contrary to the narrative being circulated, the rabbits in question are not pets; they are rabbits bred for their meat.)

Climate Action (
Yes, I support several bills (and wrote two) aimed at reducing carbon emissions and improving environmental equity. As Vice Chair of the Environment Committee, I put much of my effort here at the Capitol on bills aimed at protecting the environment. I support all the bills mentioned in this email. 

Reproductive Rights (
As a pro-choice legislator, I intend to vote to make reproductive health as equitable as possible. And the offensive tone of the emails I'm receiving -- in which trans people are disrespected and mocked -- does nothing to advance the cause of the writers. 

Election Day Registration (
Although the writers of this email did not mention a specific bill, I am assuming they mean HB 5086, which would have eliminated Election Day registration. This bill did not make it out of the Government Elections and Administration Committee, so it died weeks ago. Had it made it to the House floor, I would have voted against it, because I believe in expanding, not contracting, voting access for all people. 

HJR 261 (
Because this resolution would require changing our State Constitution in order to change how we post bail bonds, it will take two consecutive sessions (and a 2/3 majority) to pass. If it comes up for a vote, I will vote in support.  I realize this runs contrary to many of the emails I am receiving - it's my understanding that the mass mailing comes from those who make a living as bail bondsmen, who do not want the system changed. However, this article will give you some context for my support of the resolution.

Childcare (
Although the state invested in Care4Kids and early childhood care providers last session, we have a very long way to go in helping these foundational industries. No working family can thrive without such childcare help, and we need to support providers to the fullest extent the budget allows. 

Tip Credit (
I support the elimination of the tipped wage. While some restaurateurs object to this on the premise that waitstaff make significant tips, not all do. For many workers trying to support families by working jobs that have varying paychecks, (not to mention unpredictable hours) there is often a great deal of stress and financial precariousness. Furthermore, since minimum wage is required by all other employers, it seems only right that restaurants pay the same as other employers are required to do.