Farmers' Market Food Assistance

August 2, 2023

Local farmers' markets are one of the best ways to eat Connecticut grown food in your home. We have so much local fruit, vegetables, dairy, meat and much more available in our great state. Many farmers' markets, including Willimantic Farmers' Market, now accept the EBT card or SNAP benefits.

Simply bring your EBT card to the table with the sign that says "SNAP/EBT accepted here" at participating Farmers' Markets and Farm Stands. The Market Master will swipe your card for the amount that you want and give you Market Tokens that can be used at all the stands at that market.

Learn More about Farmers' Market Assistance

The Willimantic Farmers’ Market takes place every Saturday from 8 A.M. – 12:00 P.M. at Whitewater Park on Bridge Street through October 28.

Please watch the video below, which digs deeper into the entire process and benefits. I hope that those who are eligible take advantage of this wonderful service.

Using your EBT card can double the value of your SNAP benefits.