Let's Talk About It: CLiCK's Composting Expansion Plans

August 11, 2023

On my weekly public affairs show, “Let’s Talk About It,” we spoke with Chelsea Cherrier from the Commercially Licensed Cooperative Kitchen (CLiCK) to talk about its mission of sustainability by composting. It’s the process of diverting food waste, such as kitchen scraps and plate waste, into a compost bin. Those items then decompose in a way that is eaten up by bacteria, which creates nutrient-dense soil that can be used as organic plant fertilizer.

Currently, CLiCK has a composting site at its facility in Windham for its 35 food business partners. The organization was recently accepting donations to expand its composting program. Here are the goals of the fundraiser:

  • Reduce waste in our community
  • Expand composting at community events like Third Thursday and Hopfest
  • Provide stipends for those who want to work with compost instead of relying on volunteers
  • Create more composting sites in the community
  • Purchase materials to compost more efficiently
  • Distribute education material

CLiCK’s composting program started in 2022 with funding from the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. CLiCK uses compost for its orchard, but the hope is to eventually get residential neighborhoods to send food waste, which would be turned into compost that would go to community gardens.

Please click below to listen to the entire show!

Chelsea Cherrier talks about CLiCK's plan to expand its composting program.

In addition, CLiCK recently received $400,000 in federal grants for a new roof and upgraded parking lot. Senator Richard Blumenthal, Windham Mayor Tom DeVivo, and I were on hand to make the big announcement last week. CLICK HERE to learn more about this incredible investment!