Building On Our Skilled Workforce

August 31, 2023

During the 2023 legislative session, we successfully passed a number of measures, which will enhance and support our skilled workforce and make our state more attractive for companies and new businesses.
These new initiatives in diverse fields including education, aviation, healthcare, and first responders seek to attract the best talent from within and beyond to create a top-notch workforce.

Below are some highlights of the work we accomplished this past session:

Public Act 23-97 is a multifaceted step forward for those in the medical fields.

Additional measures include:
Public Act 23-167:

  • Expands school-based apprenticeship opportunities in aviation and aerospace
  • Builds on training for future paraeducators
  • Offers dual credit/enrollment opportunities

Public Act 23-55:

  • Creates prosecutor apprenticeships for law school students

Public Act 23-207:
Creates tax credits and incentives for towns and businesses that build and/or develop housing set aside for specific workforces including teachers, police officers, and firefighters.

A skilled workforce is one of the foundations of a robust economy. My colleagues and I are committed to strengthening our current and future workers by providing the necessary tools to help them thrive and succeed.