Veterans Day Celebration & Help with Eversource Bill

November 13, 2023

This past weekend we honored those who have served in the U.S. military for Veterans Day. Our heroes deserve to be recognized for their service to our country. Please read below to find what legislation we passed to help veterans in the past year and to listen to my conversation on my weekly radio show about Windham's Veterans Day ceremony.

The weather is chillier, and that means the utility bill is about to get pricier. Eversource is offering some resources to help those in need. Keep scrolling to see if you are eligible for some savings.

The federal government is promoting a program that can help save on your home internet. Please read below to learn more and see how some applicants may get high-speed internet for free.

Here are the sections in today's email:

  • Let's Talk About It: Veterans Day
  • Help With Your Utility Bill
  • Affordable Connectivity Program
Let's Talk About It: Veterans Day

We saluted our heroes ahead of Veterans Day on my weekly public affairs show, “Let’s Talk About It.” Joe Tomanelli, a senior advisor to the Greater Windham Veterans Council, discussed all the work it does to support those who served our country. We also talked about our Veterans Day ceremony.

Please click on the video below to listen to the entire show!

Joe Tomanelli discusses how Windham honors our veterans.

My colleagues and I passed several laws this year supporting our veterans. Please take a look at our accomplishments below.

Public Act 23-29: An Act Exempting From Licensing Requirements Certain Child Care Services For Children of Members of the U.S. Military

Public Act 23-24: An Act Concerning Municipal Veterans Services

Public Act 23-71: An Act Including The United States Space Force in References to the United States Armed Forces

I send my greatest respect and gratitude to all those who have served.

Help With Your Utility Bill
Beginning on December 1, 2023, Eversource is offering a new electric bill discount if you have a financial hardship status on your electric account. Based on your household income or receipt of a public assistance benefit, you may be eligible for a 10% or 50% discount off your electric bill per month.
Find Out If You Qualify
This winter, energy costs are expected to be higher once again, and no one wants to see rising energy prices. Take control of your electric supply costs by choosing a supplier that offers a lower rate.
In addition, Eversource is working on smart-meter technology to create a more equitable grid and reduce emissions. CLICK HERE to learn more.
Affordable Connectivity Program

The Affordable Connectivity Program is a federal program that was created to ensure that American households can afford the broadband internet services needed for work, school, healthcare, and more. It currently serves 20+ million homes across the nation!

You can learn more and apply for the Affordable Connectivity Program directly online by visiting