AARP Honors Rep. Stafstrom

January 29, 2016

State Representative Steve Stafstrom (D-Bridgeport) has been honored with an “AARP Legislative Achievement Award” for his leadership in passing the Uniform Power of Attorney Act in the 2015 General Assembly session.

Rep. Stafstrom is being recognized with an AARP Legislative Achievement Award because of his leadership in passing the Uniform Power of Attorney Act, which will benefit family caregivers and help fight financial exploitation.

“I thank the members of AARP for this recognition,” Rep. Stafstrom said. “I am pleased to have led the fight for passage of the Uniform Power of Attorney Act because it seeks to prevent abuse and fight financial fraud on our senior citizens, modernizes our law, and protects the elderly.”

“AARP applauds Rep. Stafstrom’s legislative advocacy to support family caregivers and prevent elder financial abuse,” said AARP State Director, Nora Duncan. “Rep. Stafstrom’s leadership on the Uniform Power of Attorney Act will help family caregivers navigate financial challenges, by making sure power of attorney laws are consistent and honored from state to state, and provide legal remedies for wrongdoing.”

The Uniform Power of Attorney Act (UPOAA) aims to promote autonomy and to prevent, detect, and redress Power of Attorney abuse. This means that Connecticut POA laws will be strengthened to better protect our residents and to benefit businesses and courts.

The UPOAA contains several key provisions that protect against abuse and promote choice. Highlights include provisions that:

  • Clarify the mandatory and default duties of the agent and indicate when an agent must disclose information about his or her actions to third parties such as courts or adult protective services;
  • Set forth the powers that an agent cannot exercise unless the POA expressly authorizes such actions;
  • Indicate who may petition a court to construe a POA or review an agent's conduct;
  • Establish liability for agents who violate the POA law;
  • Address third-party acceptance of and reliance upon a POA; and
  • List circumstances under which a third party may legitimately refuse to accept a POA and provide sanctions for unlawful refusals.

The award was presented at the The Black Rock Senior Center in Bridgeport.