Torrington Receives Art Grants

July 15, 2016

Today, Torrington welcomed a total of $80,063 in art grants from the Department of Economic & Community Development’s Office of the Arts.

 I’m very pleased Torrington received these grants for the Nutmeg Conservatory and the NW Arts Council, which serves 23 towns in the Litchfield County. These two places are staples in our downtown and important to the community’s future. The arts engage our minds and lift our spirits and I am very proud that these organizations received the vital resources needed to continue their work. Throughout my career, I have worked hard to ensure the arts are recognized as being a vital part of our community and I will continue to support funding for these organizations in the future.

Torrington received the following grants:

  • The Northwest Connecticut Arts Council $35,624

  • The Northwest Connecticut Arts Council $35,000

  • The Nutmeg Conservatory for the Arts $9,439