Constituent Survey 2017

As was the case during my first two years as your State Representative, I am asking you to fill out my annual Constituent Survey. This coincides with the beginning of the 2017 Legislative Session of the Connecticut General Assembly which began on January 4th and ends June 7th. You may be asking, “Should I take time out of my busy day to fill this out?” I hope the answer is yes. I truly value the feedback I’ve gotten from thousands of constituents so far and as your voice in Hartford, I hope you will always feel free to share your thoughts, concerns and ideas with me.

What concerns you and your family the most?
What are the biggest issues facing our state?
Several states, including Massachusetts, recently voted to allow the recreational use and sale of marijuana. Do you support the legalization of marijuana in Connecticut?
Last year, I asked if you favored reinstating tolls at our borders. This year, I’d like to know whether you support reinstating tolls on all highways if they were all electronic (no toll booths) and the funding was guaranteed to go towards fixing our roads and bridges?
Balancing The Budget: State Spending.
Our state budget is projected to have a deficit again this year. In 2016, we were faced with the difficult reality of cutting nearly $1 billion in spending to balance the $20 billion annual budget. 80% of the budget is spent in four areas: personnel – state employee salaries and benefits; paying off debt – such as pensions for retired workers; Medicaid – health insurance for low income people and children; and municipal aid – primarily, funding for education which helps towns run our schools. Aside from these long-term obligations, 20% of the budget consists of the programs below. With budgetary constraints in mind, which of these programs would you cut a lot, cut a little or protect? Please check one box for each program.
Cut a lotCut a littleProtect
Aid to small businesses
Aid to corporations
Aid to families and children
Aid to the disabled
Aid to the mentally ill
Aid to municipalities
Buses and railroads
Roads, bridges and highways
Public schools
Open space land purchases
Protecting the environment
Rental assistance
State colleges / universities
Veteran services
What other programs would you like to protect?
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