Governor Signs "Bill Of Rights Bill"

June 25, 2015

The bill, HB 5358, “An Act Establishing A Bill Of Rights For Residents Of Continuing Care Retirement Communities” was unanimously approved by the full General Assembly earlier this year.

“I am very pleased and appreciate the Governor’s signing of HB 5358 which represents an important victory for residents of continuing-care retirement communities,” Rep. D’Agostino said. “For the residents of some 17 continuing-care facilities throughout Connecticut this new law will provide them with enhanced and expanded protections for people who have committed their life savings to a CCRC provider.”

“The core function of a Continuing Care Retirement Community is to allow its residents to age in place with dignity and security,” Rep. D’Agostino said. “Now that the bill becomes law, it will further enable CCRC providers to meet those commitments to their residents.” D’Agostino added: “Connecticut is a leader in the rapidly-growing, nationwide CCRC movement. This law will encourage further investment in these communities in our state. On behalf of all CCRC residents, we thank the Governor for signing it.”

Among other things, the new law provides for the following:

  • further transparency regarding the financial stability of the provider operating the facility
  • timely notification about developments affecting the facility including ownership changes, facility construction and renovation and changes to the provider’s financial condition;
  • improved communication between the residents and management; and
  • streamlining the regulatory requirement associated with opening and operating a facility in Connecticut.