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April 12, 2024

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Dear Neighbor,
Lyman Allyn Art Museum Funding Celebration
I was glad to gather at the Lyman Allyn Art Museum last week to celebrate the funding that will create the Lyman Allyn Art Park, a project that will transform the property of the Lyman Allyn Art Museum to a 12 acre urban art park in the the great City of New London. Thank you to the Museum Leadership, Congressman Courtney, The Community Investment Fund Board, Legislative Colleagues, City of New London, Connecticut Leadership, Govenor Lamont, LT Gov Bysiewicz and the many others that helped make this project come to fruition.
BP Learned Mission Tour
I also had the great opportunity along with LT Gov Bysiewicz, Mayor Passero and City Leadership to visit and get update on BP Learned Mission and the future vision for expansion. We had a great time meeting with several staff and students.
New London Community Center Project Update
This week I spent some great time with City of New London, Connecticut Director Felix Reyes & Mayor Michael Passero on the New London Community Center building project. It was great to see the funding we fought to get from the State of Connecticut being used to bring the project closer to fruition. Seeing the pool, recreation department and basketball courts area's being built was pretty exciting. Thank you Director Reyes and Mayor for providing great updates in the project.
ECHOHomes Ribbon Cutting
had an amazing Ribbon cutting in regards to the new housing opened up on Bayonet Street in City of New London, Connecticut. The property has approximately 28 apartments that became available earlier this year. We had a great time attending the ribbon cutting ceremony of the Bayonet Apartments in City of New London, Connecticut!
Big Thanks to Julie and the rock stars of Eastern Connecticut Housing Opportunities (ECHO). Along with Congressman Joe Courtney, DOH Commissioner Seila Mosquera-Bruno, DDS Commissioner Jordan Scheff, Connecticut Housing Finance Authority CEO - Nandini Natarajan, Suzanne Piacentini from U.S.D.H and Urban Development, Mayor Passero, Senator Heather Somers, Senator Cathy Osten and others that helped make this project come to fruition.
Child and Family Agency of Southeastern Connecticut Tour
I had the great opportunity to tour the City of New London, Connecticut Child and Family Agency of Southeastern Connecticut Urgent Crisis Center with staff from the State of Connecticut Office of Policy Management. Thank you to Claudio W. Gualtieri & staff, Director of Human Resource Jeanne Milstein, Mayor Michael Passero, Lisa Otto and many other leaders and staff for making this update tour so great.
U.S. Coast Guard Gala
This month I had an great time at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy City of New London, Connecticut at the Gala for the Public Library of New London, CT along with numerous friends, community leaders & neighbors where we celebrated our library in fellowship, fun and giving as we were enlighten by the sounds of the New London Big Band.
Honoring Community Members, Officers, and Cadets
Had an exciting time at the Eclipse week event that honored Community members, Officers and Cadets for their amazing sacrifice and time they show giving back service to people and our community. Thank you to the U.S. Coast Guard Academy Superintendent Michael Johnston and all those who made this one of the great events this week.
Nonprofit Grant Funding
Glad to see great grant awards for City of New London, Connecticut Safe Futures $168,190 for Phoenix House HVAC, $167, 769 for upgrades to Emergency Domestic Violence Shelter, and $46,000 for Phoenix House window replacements and $295,000 for Child and Family Agency of Southeastern Connecticut.
Appropriations Committee Comments
In our appropriations committee this week I spoke on supporting HB 5454 especially in regards to An amendment adding the word "MOTHER" in the bill were it was not specified that "the mother" to many characterizes the person who gives birth to a child. The word mother is a powerful word & strong figure for many of us, especially in the black community.
It was not asking to take language out. I believe adding the word "Mother" enhanced the bill. I also believe it is only a mother (woman) who gives birth. I was not in agreement with anyone who wanted to add "pregnant father". I do not believe people who are born male and living as men can get pregnant.
Watch my comments in full here.
And a thank you to Anderson Curtis ( ACLU of Connecticut) , Alexis Mohammed LIC. Clinical Social Worker DSS & CT Department of Social Services Commissioner Andrea Barton Reeves for coming before the Appropriations/Human Service Committee recently to talk about & answer questions of importance to constituents I asked in regards to the Social Security 115 Substance Abuse Disorder Demonstration Waiver Amendment voted out of Committee recently.
Links below: - DSS Commissioner Andrea Barton Reeves - DSS Lic Social Worker Alexis Mohammed - Anderson Curtis ACLU of Connecticut
CT Housing Finance Authority - Time To Own Forgivable Down Payment Assistance Loan
FYI....For a limited time, Connecticut Housing Finance Authority 🏾CHFA will offer the Time To Own - Forgivable Down Payment Assistance loan to help alleviate potential homebuyers' inability to cover the down payment and closing costs required to purchase their first home.
Administered by CHFA on behalf of the CT Department of Housing, the Time To Own loan is available to eligible homebuyers in conjunction with a CHFA first mortgage loan
UConn - National Champs!
Big Congratulations to the UCONN Mens CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM
New London Students Win CT Association of Schools Awards!
CONGRATULATIONS to City of New London, Connecticut students recipients of Connecticut Association of Schools outstanding awards!
Alex Kexel, a Technical Theatre Major in the Arts Magnet pathway received the award for performing arts & Nix Barreau, a senior in the International pathway received the award for visual arts.
They are pictured here with their proud teachers, Lura Hepler (Theatre) and Caitlin Magner (Visual Arts) at the statewide banquet.
Lawrence + Memorial Hospital Recognition
Helping Recognize Lawrence + Memorial (L+M) Hospital to thank you for your dedication and pride in helping every patient and family get their healthcare journey off to a good start. Patient Access associates are often each patient's first point of contact with our health system, and their friendly smiles, compassion and professionalism set the stage for positive experiences and healthy outcomes. Thanks for all you do.
Mitchell College Birthday!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mitchell College to celebrating 85 years of creating amazing and radical possibilities for students and our community. We thank the many students and faculty for the great things you do in and for the City of New London, Connecticut
Arc Eastern CT Employment Opportunities
Employment opportunities with The Arc Eastern Connecticut Looking for a fun and rewarding way to spend your summer? Join their team.
Cirque De Soleil Bazzar
Good place for a great fun time out. CIRQUE DU SOLEIL "BAZZAR" - Apr 6 - May 5th Hartford, CT Market ST
MD Productions - Decades By the Water
MD Productions
is back with another business networking opportunity for all of the influencers, movers, and shakers. Make connections and win prizes from some of the areas top businesses. The back drop will be R&B music with an all white dress code to mix the business with pleasure.
Sounds Provided by
DJ Dvyne - 80's Freestyle & 80's R&B Set
DJ Breakdown - 90's & 00's R&B Set
DJ Eazy - 2010's R&B Set
Dress code is "All WHITE". For more info call/text 860-861-7301 Ocean Beach Park Port N Starboard
If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me at my Capitol office at 860-240-8512 or email me at Don't forget to "Like" my official Facebook page and follow me on Twitter for news and legislative updates.

Anthony Nolan
State Representative

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