Rep. Linda Orange Discusses Future Initiatives Fire/EMS Caucus Will Address

January 17, 2019
Rep. Linda Orange Attends Fire/EMS Caucus Meeting

The Fire and EMS Caucus met earlier Wednesday morning to discuss several concerns relating to long-term health care accessibility.

Far too many individuals have had to call 911 because they were unable to get a hold of their doctors or vising nurses. People should not have to resort to these measures during times of emergencies, but the way the current system operates makes it confusing and difficult to navigate at times.

During the meeting, I discussed my personal experience traversing this system while I cared for my son. It was a process that further exacerbated the grief I was going through.

I hope this caucus will give us small steps we can take in the legislature to begin to build the foundation to solve these complex problems.

The bi-partisan caucus was established in 2017 to focus on public safety issues our first responders face on a daily basis.