Addressing Connecticut's opioid crisis

June 2, 2017

This year in Connecticut, more people will fall victim to drug overdoses than from car accidents and gun violence combined. This week in the House Chambers I took action. I voted in favor of House Bill 7052 which will prevent the abuse and diversion of prescription opioids. Drug abuse and addiction affects everyone regardless of economic or social stature.

Here are some of the legislation's details:

  • Reduces the maximum opioid drug prescription for minors from 7 days to 5 days
  • Requires health insurers to cover medically necessary detox treatment
  • Facilitates the destruction of unused medication through RN's employed with home health care agencies
  • Increases data sharing between state agencies regarding opioid abuse or opioid overdose deaths
  • Increases security of controlled substances prescriptions by requiring scheduled drugs be electronically prescribed
  • Expands requirements about information regarding provider communications about the risks and signs of addiction, and the dangers of drug interactions to cover all opioid prescriptions – current law passed in 2016 is just for minors
  • Allows patients to file a voluntary non-opioid form in their medical records indicating that they do not want to be prescribed or administered opioid drugs

Over the years, the legislature has taken important steps to fight this public health epidemic. This bill is the next step.