Oversight of Transportation Projects

May 31, 2017

The House approved legislation I authored to increase oversight of large transportation projects and protect taxpayer dollars.

The bill establishes the Transportation Policy Advisory Council to review DOT’s five-year transportation capital plan for the state, to hold a public hearing on this plan, and to advise DOT on transportation planning and policy.

Transportation projects can run in the hundreds-of-millions of dollars, the Transportation Policy Advisory Council will provide much needed oversight. This new Council will ensure projects are assessed for their impact on economic development, transit oriented development, housing development, access to employment, the environment, traffic congestion, and public safety.

DOT may not include a transportation project in their five-year plan or request bonding or appropriations to fund a project from the General Assembly before an assessment has been completed- giving legislators more information on projects before they vote and making the transportation planning process more transparent to the public.