House Passes Minimum Wage Increase

May 9, 2019

No one who works full-time should have to live in poverty, but many of our state’s full-time workers struggle to support themselves and their families because wages are too low and have not been increased from $10.10 since 2017.

Increasing the minimum wage would protect low-wage workers, help to strengthen economic security, increase their purchasing power and would enhance the state’s economy – more spending power by people earning minimum wage means more spending.

The minimum wage will increase, in a four-year rollout, to $11.00 in 2019, $12.00 in 2020, $13.00 in 2021, $14.00 in 2022 and $15.00 in 2023. In 2024 and years thereafter the minimum wage will be indexed to the rate of inflation, so we won’t have to continue fighting for wage increases every year.

Our country’s economic system is designed and propped up through exploitation of our fellow neighbors. No one should have to work 60 hours per week and still not be able to get by. These are people who we see every day. Who we rely on. They serve our food, stock our shelves, take care of our elderly, nurture our children, and keep our hospitals clean and disease free. We’ve become too comfortable benefiting off of others suffering, for too long. We’re all aware of “income inequality” and the “wealth gap”. Here’s a very small, overdue step to try and create a more equitable society. I’m very proud to vote in favor of this law today, for the people of Middletown, and the rest of Connecticut.

The bill passed 85 to 59 and now goes to the Senate for approval.