Hamden Delegation Bonding

February 1, 2017

State Representatives Josh Elliott (D-88), Michael D’Agostino (D-91) and Robyn Porter (D-94), applauded the State Bonding Commission’s approval of $297,800 in funding for the Hamden Police Department.

The State Bonding Commission reimbursed the Hamden Police Department for their purchase of body cameras and video storage devices.

“Body cameras for police simultaneously help residents and police feel safer in our community,” Rep. Elliott said. “For residents, they can be assured that police are held accountable for their conduct and that any interactions with police will be reviewed. For police, body cameras offer an efficient way to collect evidence and can help train fellow officers when dealing with high-intensity situations. In order to build a strong relationship between a police department and the community, there has to be trust and transparency, and these body cameras will do just that.”