Beyond the March for Science

April 18, 2018

I joined scientists and PhD candidates at Beyond the March for Science. To my left is one of the key "Beyond the March" organizers, Dr. Diane Krause, who heads the Krause Lab at Yale and advances ways to detect and cure leukemia and lymphoma.

Last year advocates organized a March for Science to stand up and show their support of the scientific community. This year, the New Haven March for Science was a celebration of science in the community and an opportunity for advocacy for scientifically sound policymaking.

I was happy to speak at the event and answer questions on the most effective ways for scientists to communicate with legislators about the important medical research they are doing and the businesses they are creating. The event also featured selections from the Yale Science Diplomats "Science in the News" series of talks, TED-talks on the science behind Connecticut's greatest challenges, an “Ask Me Anything” talk section, and organizations working to elevate the use of evidence in policymaking.