Honoring Memorial Day

May 30, 2017

Sen. Ted Kennedy, Jr., Rep. Sean Scanlon, Sgt. Bill Brody, and I

We had a great turnout for Branford's Memorial Day ceremonies yesterday. I was honored to present 96-year-old Sgt. Bill Brody with a State Proclamation recognizing his efforts during the liberation of Europe in WWII.

At 22, Sgt. Brody enlisted in the Army Air Corps where he used his engineering skills to protect pilots and missions - once disobeying a direct order to install a $25,000 airplane wing that he knew to be defective. Instead, Sgt. Brody dragged the wing into the woods and hid it because “pilots' lives are more valuable than parts." American know-how, American integrity. We salute you, Sgt. Brody!

I would also like to offer congratulations to Bryanna Lye, a 6th grader at Walsh Middle School, for winning First Prize with her moving essay, "What Memorial Day Means to Me."