Public Should Be Given a Voice on Shrine of Saint Anne

May 3, 2019

State Representative Geraldo Reyes, Jr. (D-Waterbury) expressed concern over plans to dismantle the two spires at All Saints/Todos Los Santos Parish in Waterbury. According to published reports, the twin spires of the Shrine of Saint Anne will be taken down by August of this year.

“I represent this neighborhood at the State Capitol and I have some questions that I would like answered,” said Rep. Reyes. “I believe that the community deserves better transparency and clear communication when it comes to projects that will demolish historic landmarks and the character of our neighborhoods. I believe the Todos Los Santos parishioners and South End residents deserve an informational meeting.”

Rep. Reyes noted the city has seen its share of historic churches torn down. “Trinity Church built in 1848, is now gone. Today we sadly have a parking lot on that historic site,” said Rep. Reyes.

The city of Waterbury has three iconic landmarks that every passerby on I-84 and Route 8 recognize immediately; The Clock Tower, The Holy Land cross on the hill and the twin spires of the Shrine of Saint Anne,” said Rep. Reyes. “Please, let’s have an open conversation before the spires are gone forever.”

Saint Anne’s Parish was established in 1886 and served Waterbury’s French-Canadian population. After the parish consolidation in 2017, it became All Saints/Todos Los Santos Parish.