Rep. Reyes Named To Leadership Team

January 3, 2019

Speaker of the House Joe Aresimowicz has asked State Representative Geraldo Reyes to serve in the position of Assistant Majority Whip of the House Democrats.

Speaker Aresimowicz said, “Gerry is a champion when it comes to advocating for Waterbury and I am pleased to announce that he will serve our House Democratic Caucus as an Assistant Majority Whip.”

“It will be an honor to work closely with Speaker Aresimowicz,” Rep. Reyes said. “I look forward to the challenges of this leadership position.”

In addition to serving as Assistant Majority Whip, Rep Reyes has been appointed vice-chair of the Transportation Committee and a member of the Commerce, Appropriations and Environment committees.

The entire membership of the General Assembly will be sworn into office on January 9th at the State Capitol in Hartford during the opening day ceremony of the 2019 session.