Supporting responsible pet ownership!

February 8, 2018

I am thrilled to have been named Honorary Chair for the 2018 AKC “Meet and Compete” event, hosted by the AKC and Westminster Kennel Club, kicking off “Westminster Week”, which also includes the 142nd Westminster Kennel Club dog show in New York City on Saturday, February 10.

This fun filled family-oriented day promises to draw many pet lovers who are eagerly waiting to see more than 150 different dog breeds from some of the nation’s top breed experts and breeders that are participating with many canine athletes in action through the planned competitions.

As a dog lover and pet owner, I am delighted to join this exciting event with my family and at the same time help bring awareness to the importance of being a responsible pet owner. Our pets are an important part of our families and as such we need to ensure they are safe, secure and well taken care of.

I am asking everyone who cares about the safety of pets, to sign this online Pet Promise and pledge to follow all the guidelines, including training, grooming, basic feeding essentials, veterinarian care, following local and state laws and making a strong commitment to never overlook any responsibilities to your dog.

In this year’s 142nd Westminster Dog Show in New York City, Connecticut will show 128 dogs, more than last year’s representation.