Early Voting

January 15, 2019

I was proud to stand with Secretary of the State Merrill, Sen President Looney, Sen. Majority Leader Duff, fellow legislators and advocates to announce a Constitutional Amendment to allow Connecticut voters to vote early just as voters are allowed to do in at least 37 other states in our country.

Speaker Aresimowicz and I have made a commitment to our Caucus on this…we want to vote early in the session on early voting.

We make it far too difficult to vote in this State and we heard about this on the campaign trail. Life happens and people cannot always find time to vote due to work, children, illness and a variety of other every day reasons.

I was also proud to stand with my colleague from Hartford, State Rep. Brandon McGee, and some of the newest members of the House Democratic Caucus like Jill Barry, Robin Comey, Quentin Phipps and Stephen Meskers. All of them made early voting a part of their campaign platforms and it was great to be joined by them today.