I Support Milford Hospital

March 27, 2019

This month I had the opportunity to testify with the Milford delegation in support of Milford Hospital's bid to partner with Bridgeport Hospital and Yale Healthcare. This will ensure we enjoy quality healthcare and keep the jobs in Milford.

Here is the testimony:

For almost 100 years, Milford Hospital has been a mainstay of our community. Countless of our neighbors have relied on the hospital when they were sick, injured, or delivered their children there, and many are employed by the hospital. However, due to external factors beyond the hospital's control, such as a shift in payer mix, an increased number of self-pay patients, reduced reimbursements from insurance and Medicare/Medicaid, the hospital tax, and countless other factors, Milford Hospital has been challenged by financial and operational hardships which have seriously threatened its viability.

In addition to the other financial factors, there is a trend of consolidation among hospitals. After years of struggling to stay open as an independent community hospital, the Hospital's leadership has determined that they can no longer go it alone.

Without the Bridgeport Hospital/Yale New Haven Health System partnership, it is highly likely that Milford Hospital would be forced into bankruptcy and possible closure. That is not an acceptable alternative for our community. There are far too many people in our community who depend on Milford Hospital's services, not to mention the hospital's hard-working staff that need this partnership to be approved. Milford Hospital is one of the largest employers in our community.

This purchase agreement will be transformative; as it will change the hospital from an organization that has been struggling, to one that is thriving and growing. This partnership will mean more job opportunities, and expanded care as the Milford campus will continue to be an inpatient and outpatient hospital through integration with Bridgeport Hospital. Bridgeport Hospital intends to expand certain clinical services to Milford Hospital, and there will be opportunities for education and advancement for the Milford Hospital staff.