Milford Public Library Receives Funding

December 11, 2018

I am grateful our library will be receiving these much-needed funds that will not only improve the use of space within the building, but will make it more accessible for people with disabilities. I applaud the hard work of the library board and look forward to the project’s progress.

Library Director Christine Angeli:

The library is the vital hub of the community, but we need to evolve and change as new regulations and technologies are introduced. This project will allow us to open up our Children’s Department to become more ADA accessible, while also providing more space for community members to interact and strengthen community connections.

The introduction of new technologically equipped meeting spaces will allow our entrepreneurs, telecommuters and students spaces to work collaboratively and add to the economic vitality of our city. We are very grateful for the approval of this bond request, and on behalf of the Library Board, staff, and most importantly, residents of the Milford community, I extend our thanks to members of the commission and our local representatives for supporting the request.

$212,750 was approved for the Milford Public Library for renovation and expansion of the Children’s Department and creation of two technology equipped meeting rooms.

The funding is included in Bond Commission Agenda Item #13.