Update On 8-30g Affordable Housing Statute

May 31, 2017

I thank my Housing Chairman Larry Butler for his tireless work and advocacy on this issue. We had to craft a bill that would help Milford, yet not jeopardize the building of affordable housing throughout the State. Whenever we pass a law we must bear in mind that it affects the entire state.


House Bill 6880

The bill:

  • Allows Ryder Mobile Home park to be included in our count towards affordable housing stock
  • Contains a five year sunset provision
  • Lowers minimum number of HUE points smaller municipalities must obtain to qualify for a moratorium from 75 HUE points to 50 HUE points
  • Encourages the development of three bedroom family units, senior units tied to family housing, and family units located in incentive housing zones
  • Makes income-restricted units in an IHZ development eligible for points toward a moratorium.
  • Award bonus HUE points for family units that contain at least three bedrooms, elderly units when 60% of an affordable housing completion certificate is tied to family housing, and family units located within an Incentive Housing Zone;
  • Changes the definition of Median Income applicable to IHZ’s to conform to 8-30g’s definition (the lesser of state median income and the area median income as determined by HUD).
  • Makes affordable housing moratoriums more achievable for midsize cities. The current threshold to qualify for a moratorium is 2%, this bill lowers that threshold to 1.5%. While this goal is still very difficult to attain. It is a step in the right direction.
Press Release: Rose - 830-g Passes House