Connecticut Automatic Admission Program

January 2, 2024

Connecticut now offers a wonderful new program that will make applying for higher education much easier - and less expensive - for graduating high school students. The Connecticut Automatic Admission Program allows students who meet certain criteria to be automatically admitted to several Connecticut colleges and universities by filling out a single application form, free of charge!

Graduating seniors in the top 30% of their class, as identified by their individual high school counselors, are eligible. To learn more about the program, please click here.

CT Automatic Admission Program

The deadline to apply for high school seniors graduating this spring is January 4th, 2024

Applying for college can be an intimidating, time-consuming, and expensive process. But with the Automatic Admission Program, applying for some of our great state schools is more accessible than ever - evening the playing field for all applicants, particularly first-generation, low-income, and minority students.