House Passes Transportation Lockbox Bill

June 6, 2017

Rep. Sean Scanlon, a member of the legislature's Transportation Committee, praised passage of House Joint Resolution Number 100, A Resolution Approving A State Constitutional Amendment To Protect Transportation Funds, which if approved by voters in November 2018 would create a lockbox for transportation funds.

“For too long legislators and governors from both parties siphoned money from the Special Transportation Fund to pay for non-transportation items. As a result, the fund we use for taking care of our roads and bridges is woefully underfunded. By passing this amendment to our state constitution and creating a lockbox, we can get serious about transportation and make the critical investments we desperately need to improve Connecticut's aging infrastructure,” Scanlon said.

To send an amendment to the voters, the legislature must either pass the legislation by a three-fourths majority or pass the identical bill in two consecutive sessions. Scanlon voted for an identical bill in December 2015 but it didn't meet the three-fourths majority.