Constituent Survey 2019

The 2019 Legislative Session began on January 9th and runs until early June. During this time, I will face many tough choices which is why it is so important for me to get feedback from you about the most pressing issues facing Guilford & Branford. I hope you will take a few minutes to complete my fifth annual legislative survey and help me better represent our district at the State Capitol.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact me if you or your family is in need of assistance, or if you would like to share an opinion with me. It’s an honor to serve as your state representative and I look forward to hearing from you about ways we can improve Connecticut for all of us.

I recently held a “Citizens Budget Workshop” in Guilford where I asked people to work with their neighbors in small groups to balance our state budget. 9 out of 10 groups did and it helped me make the case to my colleagues that if constituents with different political views could balance the budget, so could we. Until my next workshop, let me know how you think we should be balancing the budget.
Please check all that apply.
What can I be doing better?
What can I do to help you and your family?
Please check all that apply.
Here are some of the bills that the legislature may debate in 2019; where do you stand?
Creating an employee-funded paid family leave program to ensure that families can earn paid time off to take care of newborn children and sick loved ones
Legalizing marijuana use
Instituting electronic tolls on our highways if revenue collected is placed in a lockbox only to be used for transportation projects like fixing roads and bridges
Raise the minimum wage to $15/hour gradually over several years
How can state government help create more good-paying jobs?
Every so often, you may find yourself saying “there ought to be a law.” Now is your chance to suggest a bill that the legislature should consider. What are your ideas for what we should be working on at the Capitol?
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