Key Pro-Business Legislation Approved by House

May 9, 2019

House Chair of the Commerce Committee, Rep. Caroline Simmons (D-Stamford) led debate in the House of Representatives this week on a pair of bills that seek to grow business in the State of Connecticut. Both bills were approved by the House.

HB 7008: Public Private Marketing Working Group to Better Recruit Businesses to CT

This bill will better market CT as a growing place to do business by touting the positive attributes of the state, including its high rankings: CT ranks 2nd in quality of life, 2nd in life expectancy, and 5th in innovation.

“We have an incredibly talented workforce, strategic location, and much cheaper office space than our neighboring states,” said Rep. Simmons. “This bill aims to better market these positives in order to recruit businesses to our state.”

HB 7308: One Stop Shop Business Portal

This bill aims to make it easier for businesses to start up in CT, by streamlining and simplifying the licensing and permitting process through the creation of a one stop shop business portal.

“We have heard from businesses that it can be very cumbersome and challenging to start up in CT because there are 23 different state agencies involved in licensing and permitting and each one has a different and complicated process,” said Rep. Simmons. “This bill aims to move the state closer to creating a one stop shop portal, where businesses can access all the permits and licenses they need in one location.”

The legislation awaits action by the State Senate.