Celebrating Juneteenth

June 16, 2022

Juneteenth Independence Day marks the end of slavery in this country. It is an important holiday that went unrecognized for far too long, but through activism and education, many communities now celebrate Juneteenth and understand its importance in American history.

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Updates to CT Red Flag Laws Take Effect

June 7, 2022

Last year, my legislative colleagues and I passed critical updates to our groundbreaking "Red Flag" law, otherwise known as its Risk Warrant or Risk Protection Order statute, in an effort to better protect residents, families, and communities from gun violence.

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Addressing Catalytic Converters

May 3, 2022

Like other states across the country, CT has seen an increase in the theft of catalytic converters. With the passage of SB 256, we are working to interrupt the process of profiting off stolen catalytic converters by aiding law enforcement in the tracking and identification of potential criminal activity.

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