Governor Signs MDC Reform Bill

May 18, 2017

Gov. Malloy signed House Bill 6008 into law on May 16. The legislation increases transparency at the MDC and provides taxpayers with important protections if a member town fails to pay its portion of the ad valorem tax. Rep. Slap introduced the bill in the House where it passed unanimously. The law immediately alleviates the need for MDC member towns to set aside reserve payments in case a member town cannot pay its share. Last year West Hartford was forced to pull $1.7 million from its budget for its reserve payment because Hartford indicated it might not be able to pay its ad valorem tax. The legislation requires the State of Connecticut to redirect grants from a delinquent town to the MDC so that other towns are not impacted. The law also establishes an independent consumer advocate, appointed by the Consumer Counsel, who will have access to MDC policies and proceedings along with other substantive information dealing with water and sewer management and operations of the MDC. The advocate will keep the public and municipal officials aware of matters impacting their towns and fellow residents. The bill became law with the governor's signature.