Don’t Repeal Drive-only Licenses

February 23, 2017

The legislature’s Transportation Committee held a public hearing this week on a proposal to repeal a law allowing the Department of Motor Vehicles to issue driver licenses for driving purposes only to undocumented individuals. I testified in strong opposition of House Bill 5180 because I am trying to understand why we would want to repeal a law that works.

Since the law was enacted, the DMV has issued nearly 28,000 licenses and 34,000 learner’s permits, which has resulted in increased revenue for the state, not only through license fees, but through registrations and insurance coverage, making our roads and highways safer than before. And it is important to note there isn’t any reported case of someone trying to use a drive-only license to vote illegally in CT.

Some may believe that this is about immigration policy. However, that’s a much more complex issue that a driver’s only license will not address. The immigration debate does not belong in the Transportation Committee.

I look forward to learning more about the fate of this proposal and keeping this sound policy in place that has kept our roads and streets safer.