Soto’s Legislative Priorities Moving Forward

April 11, 2017

We are a little past the half-way mark of session so I wanted to share some legislative highlights.

The Sober Homes bill I’ve been working with colleagues on, as well as addressing financial aid transparency for students, HB 6587 have moved out of committee and are on the way to the house floor for a vote.

Also, I have been pushing for a bill to strengthen our magnet schools as we look to grow our all-magnet district in New London. That bill was also favorably voted out of committee. Please read a related news story here.

And last but not least, the biggest issue on everybody’s mind is the state budget; we are working hard to find an equitable balance for the ECS funding formula while also ensuring that critical benefits for our vulnerable residents stay in place. Here is a news story about the New London City Council meeting where Mayor Passaro presented the city's budget.