Constituent Survey 2020

Every year I send out a survey asking your opinions on a variety of topics. Here are some examples of the work I did in the legislature last year to address your concerns:

  • Increased state aid to Bridgeport by $8.6 million over the biennium and secured $90.8 million in funding for a new Bassick High School;
  • Increased the minimum wage and enacted a Paid Family and Medical Leave program;
  • Strengthened Connecticut’s gun laws, implemented protections for immigrant communities, and increased fairness and transparency in the criminal justice system.

Now, you have the same opportunity to influence the work we face in the 2020 session. I hope you will take the time to fill out this survey and let me know what is most important to you.

What concerns you and your family the most?
Please check all that apply.
What issues are the most important to you?
How can I better represent you?
What do you consider the top ways Connecticut can grow its economy?
Please select only three.
Here are some of the possible issues that may be addressed by legislation. Where do you stand?
Legalizing cannabis for recreational use
Implementing no excuse absentee ballot voting
Encouraging towns and cities to share services and reduce duplication of efforts
Banning flavors in “vaping” products
Allowing for the importation of lower-cost Canadian prescription medications
Using toll revenue to invest in transportation infrastructure
Erasing criminal convictions after a period of years where someone has not reoffended
Strengthening CT’s “red flag” firearm laws
Providing stronger protections for immigrants and minority communities
There ought to be a law
Every so often, I find myself saying “there ought to be a law.” Now is your chance to suggest a bill that the legislature should consider. What are your ideas for what we should be working on at the Capitol?
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