Cities are at the heart of economic rebound

March 23, 2017

It is no secret that Connecticut’s economic recovery has not been as robust as it could have been. And, it certainly has been well documented that a large contributing factor is that Connecticut has lagged in its recognition that in the 21st century economy, businesses and young professionals are looking to move back to dynamic, livable, walkable cities. In increasing numbers, people of all ages and demographics are eschewing the suburban model that thrived in previous generations.

Connecticut is at a significant disadvantage by having cities that have been left to bear staggering legacy costs, resulting in high taxes, inadequate funding for education and reduced services. For far too long, the State has turned a blind eye, letting cities suffocate under the economic and social costs they incurred generations ago in order to be the postwar, industrial drivers the State relied upon to build our 20th-century economy as businesses.

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