Grocery Tax? We Did Not Vote For That

September 20, 2019

I'm sure you heard the news this week about the "grocery tax."

The Department of Revenue Services misinterpreted language in the budget passed earlier this year, and put an overly broad tax on many grocery items that were not previously taxed.

It certainly was concerning, but it never was our intention to expand the tax that broadly. After discussions with Governor Lamont and Commissioner Scott Jackson, we were successful in encouraging DRS to rescind this policy, and now the tax will reflect our actual intentions.

Only items currently taxed as meals, like when we eat out at a restaurant, will have a 1% increase on October 1. This is what the budget always intended. While this still was not my ideal policy, the budget package as a whole allowed us to exempt social security from the income tax, provided additional capital for small businesses, and allocated a modest increase in education funding for Bridgeport.

I will continue to be vigilant and hold the administration accountable for enforcing the law fairly and appropriately.

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