Bills that would ban bump stocks and untraceable firearms pass out of committee

April 4, 2018

Members of the legislature's Judiciary Committee pushed forward legislation that would ban bump stocks and untraceable firearms called "ghost guns" on April 3. House Bills 5542 and 5540 now head to the state House of Representatives for further consideration.

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Stafstrom encourages Bridgeport to discuss benefits of MARB

March 23, 2018

After the city of Hartford entered into an agreement with the Municipality Accountability Review Board, state Rep. Steve Stafstrom encouraged the city of Bridgeport to enter into a similar contract to help stabilize the city's tax rate and address its unfunded liabilities.

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Bridgeport lawmakers deliver testimony in favor of creating a competitive bidding process for casino expansion

March 16, 2018

The Bridgeport state legislative delegation delivered testimony in support of House Bill 5305 which would create an open, competitive bidding process for new casino expansion in Connecticut.

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Lawmakers urge support for the legalization and regulation of recreational marijuana

March 15, 2018

Ahead of a public hearing on House Bill 5458, "An Act Concerning the Regulation of the Retail Sale of Marijuana," state Rep. Steve Stafstrom joined Democratic lawmakers to urge support for the proposed legislation. HB 5458 outlines the definitions necessary for the legal cultivation, distribution, retail sales and consumer use of marijuana.

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