Upcoming Events For Veterans

September 5, 2017

Veterans have made incredible sacrifices for our country, and many continue to give back long after their military service has ended. There are several upcoming events for veterans including a Stand Down event, POW/MIA ceremony and the Connecticut Veterans Hall of Fame.

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House Democrats Budget Proposal

August 24, 2017

House Democrats presented a new budget proposal that funds our education system, invests in our workforce development programs, and contains important changes to the way state and local government operates. This proposal incorporates ideas from House and Senate Republicans, Senate Democrats, the Governor, as well as feedback I have received from all of you.

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Addressing Opioid Addiction

June 1, 2017

House Bill 7052, a far-ranging bill which continues efforts to address opioid addiction, has passed the House.

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Fighting Computer Crime

May 23, 2017

Following last week’s global cyberattack that infected 200,000 computers across 150 countries, the House of Representatives unanimously passed House Bill 7304 which would increase the computer crime penalty. 

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