Connecticut's Transportation Revenue Lockbox Amendment on Ballot

October 18, 2018

The Connecticut Transportation Revenue Lockbox Amendment is on the ballot this year. Your responses to this constitutional amendment will determine whether to safeguard money solely for transportation related costs or use for other reasons.

The House passed the House Joint Resolution 100 in the 2017 legislative session after discussions of investment in the state’s transportation infrastructure. The state’s Special Transportation Fund (STF) is funded by the motor fuels tax, motor carrier road tax, petroleum products gross earnings tax, certain motor vehicle receipts and fees, motor vehicle-related fines, and a portion of state sales tax.

Supporters of the lockbox state that funds will be used efficiently for transportation purposes, including the payment of transportation-related debts. This will strengthen Connecticut’s future social and economic growth. Opponents of the lockbox claim that language in the amendment enables lawmakers to divert STF funds under certain conditions, falsely assuring voters otherwise. To learn more, click here.

“I encourage everybody to vote on the constitution lockbox.”