Tong Denounces GOP Vote On McDonald

March 27, 2018

Judiciary Committee Co-chairman William Tong made the following statement after Republican senators blocked Connecticut Supreme Court Justice Andrew McDonald’s nomination to be chief justice.

“Today, Senate Republicans have chosen a partisan path that is disappointing for Connecticut’s independent judiciary. Until today, in Connecticut, our judicial nominations have been different than our counterparts in Washington. Our judicial nomination and confirmation processes have been non-partisan. Senate Republicans have chosen to change that through their partisan action today.

“They have created a constitutional crisis in Connecticut and jeopardized our separation of powers and an independent judiciary that is the foundation of a fair and just legal system that is able to make the most difficult and often controversial judgments without bias or political interference from the elected branches. Senate Republicans did great damage to those principles today.

“Today’s vote is beyond disappointing as it now infects our judiciary branch with a stain of partisanship that is unprecedented for our state. I pray that the damage done today is not irreparable.

“As the Judiciary Committee’s House chairman, I will work with the administration and my fellow committee members to restore integrity to our judicial confirmation process.”