Tong LegislationTargets Gun Violence

February 7, 2018

Tong announces legislation to stop gun violence and make communities safer

Joined by his colleagues in the legislature, New Haven Mayor Toni Harp and advocates, Rep. William Tong, the House chair of the Judiciary Committee, announced legislation to combat gun violence, including a ban on so-called ghost guns and bump stocks, a device used in the killing of 58 people last year in Las Vegas.

Bump stocks are after-market products that can be attached to a semiautomatic gun to make it essentially a fully automatic gun, which is illegal in Connecticut.

Ghost guns are partially completed weapons that do not meet the federal definition of a firearm and can be sold without background checks to anyone. With a little effort, a purchaser can complete the assembly. Ghost guns have no serial number and can be a path to gun ownership for felons, people with mental illnesses or those who have been convicted of domestic violence.

In this video, Tong talks about the need for new laws to keep communities safe.