Training Curriculim And Education Of Police Officers

February 15, 2017

Guest Presenter Lieutenant Rex Caldwell from the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission


Yesterday Morning, I Co-Chaired the Task Force to Study the Training Curriculim and Education of Police Officers.  This is one of the roles I have as Public Safety and Security Committee Chairman. 

Today we heard a presentation by Lieutenant Rex Caldwell, a nationally renowned expert with the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission.

The task force is charged with examining the education and training of law enforcement officers and recognized best practices.

Among other things the task force will examine and report findings on:

  • The current basic curriculum and practices
  • The instruction and delivery of the basic curriculum.
  • The feasibility and desirability of offering training at satellite campuses, and
  • Such other topics as the task force deems appropriate relating to police training.

 The task force must submit their final report by October 1, 2017.