Crumbling Foundations Legislation

March 6, 2019

I have some key updates on Crumbling Foundations legislation - in the next week we will see numerous crumbling foundation bills come before committees for public hearings on Friday, March 8.

Insurance Committee/ Planning and Development Committee Joint Public Hearing

  • HB 5048, An Act Requiring Homeowners Insurance Coverage for the Peril of Collapse and Certain Structural Mitigation
  • HB 5857, An Act Concerning the Healthy Homes Fund Surcharge
  • HB 7179, An Act Concerning Crumbling Concrete Foundations
  • SB 907, An Act Concerning the Residential Disclosure Report and Crumbling Concrete Foundations
  • HB 5702, An Act Concerning Quarry Standards and Testing
  • HB 6040, An Act Concerning Transfers of Title to Certain Residential Buildings Situated in Municipalities Impacted by Crumbling Concrete Foundations
  • HB 6659, An Act Requiring Sellers of Residential Property to Disclose the presence of Pyrrhotite in Residential Condition Reports
  • HB 6750, An Act Expanding the Definition of “Residential Building” in Statutes Providing Assistance
  • HB 6349, An Act Concerning the Inclusion of Insurance Policy Information on Certain Certificates of Occupancy

If you’d like to participate by submitting testimony, you may do so in-person or by email. To submit testimony by email, please send a word or PDF document to If you would like to come submit testimony in-person before the joint committee, sign-up will be from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. in the 1st Floor Atrium of the Legislative Office Building (sign-up is on a first come, first served basis).

If you have any questions about this or would like to know more, contact me by email, or call my office, (860) 240-8585.